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Carol asks, “When life goes wrong, isn’t that the right time to lighten it with humor?”  Wired to be funny, she writes for and performs to audiences of widows, divorced folks and others who have suffered the loss their job, home, their minds (too far?)  All are eager for grief relief and Carol provides it.

Who Am I…? and Who Wants to Know?

I’ve been writing comedy and performing for over 30 years. Few subjects are off limits to me because as we laugh about it, the pain chips away. After Jimmy, my high school sweetheart and husband for 33 years write my essay now died in 2006 I did what came natural to me. I wrote about it in my memoir POOR WIDOW ME: Feeling & Dealing & Finding the Funny Along the Way (available on Amazon) and then spoke about it in seminars and workshops.

Humor is healing. Time and time again I’ve watched people enter my seminars and workshops stiff and stressed and they leave relaxed and hopeful, like they just breathed in fresh air.

Peggy Da Pigeon at the 25th Anniversary of the Gong Show

Me as Peggy Da Pigeon. I didn’t get gonged! That’s a feather in my cap!

My humorous essays have been published in The New York Times, Newsday, the Hartford Courant, and dozens of weekly me write my essay pay someone to write my essay

I write a monthly humor column for the magazine Pathfinder: A Companion Guide For the Widow/er’s Journey available on line and in print and I’m excited that Poor Widow Me, my one woman show is in development.  In the movie The Secrets of the Keys which premirered  November 13, 2015, I play myself. (not a stretch for acting)


In December, 2015, I wrote the foreword for and contributed in each chapter in the Grief Diaries series, GRIEF DIARIES, LOSS OF SPOUSE. (available on Amazon)

I’m a founding member and Director of Programs for the nonprofit Manhattan Playwrights, Inc and I’ve written many one-act plays for their festivals around Manhattan. I am a proud member of the New York Friars Club since 1998 where I head a committee and am a contributor to their distinguished and widely read Friar’s Epistle.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Gong Show I performed at the Lighthouse as Peggy Da Pigeon where legend Chuck Barris proclaimed, “You’re my kind of act.”  I’m still not sure if this is a good thing…

I have a grown daughter and son, (but are they ever, really?) and a perfect help me write my essay granddaughter, Skylar, born in 2004.  Miraculously, another perfect granddaughter, Sammi came along in 2012 and Vanessa popped out in 2015!


I sold the house where we raised our kids in January 2014 and now I live happily in Manhattan with my Morkie, Tony Baloney. We rescued each other.